Thursday, April 28, 2016


     Today's selection is Beastly by Alex Flinn, published in 2007 and later turned into a movie which I will never watch, because it stars Vanessa Hudgens and I just can't stand her.
     Anyway, in case you can't tell by the cover or the title, this is a re-telling of Beauty and the Beast. I confess, I love a good retelling of pretty much any fairy tale, and Beauty and the Beast happens to be my favorite Disney movie... but this was not a good retelling. It wasn't a bad one... it was just kind of meh.
     The setup is super basic: Kyle, a spoiled rich boy living in New York City gets cursed to turn into a beast. His dad, an even more spoiled rich boy who is also a local TV news anchor man buy him his own place and hires him a blind tutor on the understanding that he never has to look at him every again, because beasts are gross and he doesn't like gross things.
     There are some funny moments involving an online chat group for fairy tale characters going through some changes, but other than that, the story is super underwhelming. My least favorite change to the original is that here, the beauty's dad is a drug addict who basically sells his daughter for drug money... if this is modern day New York, I would think this girl, who is supposed to be a super smart nerd girl, would... I don't know... CALL THE DANG COPS!
    None of the characters are very interesting or endearing except for the blind tutor, and in the end I ended up not really caring whether this kid stayed a beast or not.

Rating: 2/5 bookmarks. Dull and unexceptional.

Monday, April 25, 2016

The 19th Wife

Drum roll please!!!!
It is the first official book review!

I am choosing to review the first "grown-up" book I read this year, The 19th Wife by David Ebersoff.

    This book was originally published in 2008, so I am behind the times, but I hope you all cut me a break, since up until about a year ago, I worked in Youth Services, so most of what I read is either middle-grade fiction or Young Adult (which I will be reviewing quite a bit, by the way!).

    I chose to read this though, because it is outside my reading comfort zone. 1) It's realistic fiction and 2) It's about fundamentalist Mormonism, which I know nothing about. So in I dove.

    I have to say I was extremely pleasantly surprised.

    First, you should all know that this is really two completely different stories that in the end tie together very nicely even though one takes place in modern times and the other takes place in the late 1800's. The first story begins with a murder - the main character of the modern story is a young man who has been kicked out of his fundamentalist Mormon community at a very young age. He learns his father has been murdered, and his mother (who is #19 of his father's many, MANY wives) is the main suspect.
     The second story delves into the history of the earliest beginnings of the Mormon church in the USA and is told from the point of view of Anne Eliza, who would eventually become one of Brigham Young's many wives. Anne Eliza, a real historical figure, is extremely controversial among members of the modern Mormon church because she is credited for being the driving force behind the separation of the Latter Day Saints, who do not practice polygamy,  and the Fundamentalist Saints, who still do.
     The story is able to smoothly transition between the two tales without creating those terrible shocks to the reader's system that can sometimes happen when jumping between worlds and characters. I personally found myself much more drawn into Anne Eliza's tale than the modern day story, but found them both enjoyable. I was, however, disappointed by the abrupt feeling of the resolution to the modern day tale. Overall though, it was the first book I have read in a while that really sucked me in from the very beginning.

Rating: 4/5 bookmarks for the unsatisfying ending.

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Saturday, April 23, 2016

I can't be the only weirdo....

Does anyone else read a whole bunch of books at one time? Is it just me? My boyfriend (who reads even more than I do!) thinks this is super weird because he can't divide his attention between more than one book at a time.
Me, on the other hand... well, I've got 10 books in process right now.
I find that I need a break from a book once in a while, so it's nice to have multiple ones going depending on how I'm feeling at that particular moment in time.

Anyone else?

Don't just leave me out here on my limb all by myself people.

Comment below how many books you are reading today.

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Friday, April 22, 2016

Shhhhh! We're in the LIBRARY people!

Actually, no, I'm not going to shush you. Libraries are not the stone-silent, dusty, crusty places they once were. And we librarians are not stuffy old men with horn rimmed glasses and tween jackets or elderly cat-lady spinsters. I mean, I GUESS some of us are, but that is entirely by personal choice. Librarians don't judge, we welcome all and are in this world to love, to help, to read, to help you love to read and all that good stuff.
That's what this blog is all about for me. I have been a reader since the age of 3 when I would bug my grandfather to read me his newspaper. I became a journalist for a while... but that was an entire lifetime ago. Now I devote myself to knowledge as a Public Librarian. In fact, I am starting this very blog because I graduate from library school in 21 days, at which point I will have some of my actual life back. (Trust me, when you are in graduate school, your life BELONGS TO SCHOOL). Since I will once again have time to read things for fun, I wanted to share those fun reads with you out there in the world.
I plan to review books, review movies based on books, geek out quite a bit (anyone else love going to Comic-Cons??) and maybe talk about some of the cool programs I get to do as part of my day job. By the way, I happen to think my day job is the best job of all the jobs, and I absolutely ADORE being a librarian.
So give me a follow, drop me a note, recommend me a good book that I may choose to review in the future. I can never have too many things stacked up on the mountain that is my "to be read" pile.

~Yours in the Stacks,