Friday, April 22, 2016

Shhhhh! We're in the LIBRARY people!

Actually, no, I'm not going to shush you. Libraries are not the stone-silent, dusty, crusty places they once were. And we librarians are not stuffy old men with horn rimmed glasses and tween jackets or elderly cat-lady spinsters. I mean, I GUESS some of us are, but that is entirely by personal choice. Librarians don't judge, we welcome all and are in this world to love, to help, to read, to help you love to read and all that good stuff.
That's what this blog is all about for me. I have been a reader since the age of 3 when I would bug my grandfather to read me his newspaper. I became a journalist for a while... but that was an entire lifetime ago. Now I devote myself to knowledge as a Public Librarian. In fact, I am starting this very blog because I graduate from library school in 21 days, at which point I will have some of my actual life back. (Trust me, when you are in graduate school, your life BELONGS TO SCHOOL). Since I will once again have time to read things for fun, I wanted to share those fun reads with you out there in the world.
I plan to review books, review movies based on books, geek out quite a bit (anyone else love going to Comic-Cons??) and maybe talk about some of the cool programs I get to do as part of my day job. By the way, I happen to think my day job is the best job of all the jobs, and I absolutely ADORE being a librarian.
So give me a follow, drop me a note, recommend me a good book that I may choose to review in the future. I can never have too many things stacked up on the mountain that is my "to be read" pile.

~Yours in the Stacks,

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