Thursday, June 30, 2016

Archer Coe & The Thousand Natural Shocks: Throwback Review

   Once again due to Summer Reading I will be posting a throwback review from my now defunct blog "Shut Up And Read Something."

    Archer Coe & The Thousand Natural Shocks, by Jamie S. Rich, which is set for release today tells the story of a hypnotist (stage name The Mind's Arrow) and his entanglement in a series of grizzly murders that are clearly the work of a serial killer. The question the reader must answer is whether the serial killer is a separate individual or whether Archer has just totally lost his mind and is killing people without having any memory of it.
     Well, that's ONE of the questions the reader has to answer. There are others, such as who is Hope, the mysterious wife of a wealthy banker who hires Archer to cure his wife of her "frigidity?" 
     Why does Hope seem to think she and Archer were once friends when he has no memory of ever meeting her? Who is the large foreboding man who seems to be following Archer everywhere? How come Archer can talk to cats? And the question I kept asking myself throughout the entire story: why is this crap so needless confusing!?
   Don't get me wrong, Archer Coe starts out really strong and has a ton of potential. The art style is just beautiful and the film noir story line and characterization really had me in its corner at first.... but them came the talking cats (which I normally love, taking cats are rad) and the stereotypical jerk cops and by the time Archer started having a bit of an acid-trippy mental meltdown, I was kind of over the entire thing, to be honest.
     It was a great, solid start that went very quickly downhill for me.

Final Rating: 2/5 bookmarks. 

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