Thursday, June 16, 2016

Phoenix Comic Con Report #2

      Last week you guys got to see the gorgeous love of my life in his splendid Cosplay togs. Today I want to talk to you guys about my own cosplay experience and why I love Phoenix Con so dang much!
      First off, I will note that I am plus-size, full-figured woman. I wear a size 16 and am 5 foot 2 on my really good days. Though I love dressing up in costumes, and do so a lot for my library programs, I have always hesitated to try cosplaying at a real con because to me, it always seemed like the realm of the super hot, scantily-clad size 0 model types who actually look like they were hand drawn by Disney animators. However, after attending Phoenix Comic Con last year and being struck by the overwhelming positivity of the attendees, I thought why the heck not. 
     It also helps that my very skinny boyfriend (who I outweigh by anywhere from 65-80 pounds depending on whether his Crohn's disease is flaring) is CONSTANTLY telling me I am beautiful and encouraging absolutely every darn thing I choose to do. Plus he dressed up too, so I felt alright about it. 
     Of course, I knew I was not about to wear a nearly naked outfit, because even when I WAS skinny, that was just never me. So I thought about it and thought about it, and decided to go with a Disney character, because I simply adore all things Disney and Disney adjacent. I didn't want to go with anything super mainstream, so I chose the gypsy Esmeralda from Hunchback of Notre Dame. I like her because she is sassy, beautiful, and if you squint hard enough I actually do sort of look like her. 
     For my second outfit I went my absolute childhood hero. When I was a kid, all the other little girls wanted to be teachers and ballerinas and princesses. I only ever wanted to be Carmen Sandiego. I know, I know, she was not exactly a "hero." I mean, she did steal stuff for a living. BUT, she was about the only Latina animated character I had ever seen, and she was incredibly smart and resourceful and also managed to be completely beautiful and stylish. 
    I had no idea if anyone would even guess what my outfits were supposed to represent, if anyone would care or even remember Carmen, and I know Hunchback is a lesser known Disney film that most kids probably have not seen, but I did it anyway. Here are the results:

The real Esmeralda. 
Me as Esmeralda.

Me as Carmen Sandiego
My hero, Carmen Sandiego 
     I have to tell you, the reception I got was unbelievable. People not only recognized who I was supposed to be, but they would get so excited to see me and run after me to get photos! It was an absolutely amazing experience! My absolute favorite moment of all though, was when a little girl, about age 7 came running up to me and asked to get her picture with me as Esmeralda. Her giant smile when I let her hold my tambourine and the big hug she gave me convinced me I am now a cosplayer for life. 

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