Thursday, July 7, 2016

Ophelia Adrift

   I honestly decided to read Ophelia Adrift by Helen Goltz because I thought from the title and description that maybe this would be some sort of retelling of Shakespeare. Well, it kind of is... but it mostly isn't. And what it REALLY is, is a big fat mess of a book.
   Our main character, Ophelia Montague (yeah, I know. I can't even either), has just moved away from her home in Brisbane, Australia and in with her uncle Sebastian after the death of her parents (how they died is never really explained, other than to say it was an "acident"). Uncle Seb lives in a large house by the sea clear on the other side of the country. All we know about Seb is that he's a widower and he does some kind of work involving ships and shipwrecks (what exactly he does is never explained either). Also living in the home are Adam, an older teen boy who works as an apprentice ship builder and was basically left to his own devices by his nomadic, hippie parents, and two large Great Danes.
   Ophelia starts school and immediately fits in perfectly and has no problems other than the fact that every boy in school wants to date her, and she is occasionally kind of sad about her parents dying, but only kind of. She almost immediately meets a boy named Jack, who does not go to her school but is of course, extremely cute. Because the story it told from the point of view of several different characters, we also know that Jack has been pretty much stalking Ophelia since she moved to town and believes that she is his soul mate, because that is not at all creepy and in fact totally romantic and junk, right? (Let's all take a moment to gag.... aaaaaand moving on).
   Of course, it is also heavily hinted at that Jack is more than what he seems to be. Which of course he turns out to be... and for some inexplicable reason when Ophelia finds out what he actually is, she is STILL madly in love with him, even though they have never really had anything resembling an actual conversation and mostly just sit on a rock staring out to sea on their "dates." Then some super dramatic and messed up stuff happens, and the book ends with Jack telling us that this story is not over, because of course, sequel!!!
   Oy. Vey.

Final rating: 2/5 bookmarks ONLY because I liked Uncle Seb and the dogs a few of the side characters, plus, it did not make me LITERALLY vomit on my shoes, and I actually finished the stupid thing.

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