Monday, July 11, 2016

Series Review - Confessions

    Have you ever read a book, and kind of hated yourself for how much you enjoyed it? That's exactly how I am feeling right now, having plowed through Louise Rozett's "Confessions" trilogy. It's a series written for high school students, about high school students, and yet this 30-something lady could not put it down.
    Let's start with at the beginning, with Confessions of an Angry Girl. As the series open, high school freshman Rose, the titular angry girl has some pretty valid reasons to be angry: her brother, who was once very close to, has just left for college, her mother is basically a zombie, her best friend will NOT STOP TALKING about wanting to lose her virginity to the biggest jerk on the planet, and worst of all, her father has just been killed by a roadside bomb in Iraq.
     Basically, the only bright spot in Rose's life is that for a little while each day she gets to stare at her crush Jamie in homeroom. Of course, Jamie is dating the biggest bitch in school, who might literally murder her if Rose even so much as looks at Jamie too long. So of course Rose kisses him. And all high school hell breaks loose.
    I think that's the main reason I enjoyed this book and the rest of the series so much... nothing very special happens here except high school stuff. Realistic, dirty, sad, horrible high school stuff that anyone who was not one of the "it" crowd in high school can certainly relate to. Rose is an extremely well developed character, as are all the rest of the players here, and the author's writing style makes it a fun, fast and appealing read.

****Warining!! Minor Spolers for the rest of the series ahead!!!*****

     After spending her Freshman year as a complete social outcast and trying not to get killed by Regina, her crush Jamie's pissed off attack dog of a girlfriend, Rose is SURE she can turn things around Sophomore year. 
     So of course she completely blows it before the first day of classes even begins. 
     Now, she not only has Regina pissed at her, but Regina's younger brother Conrad wants her dead too. And the entire swim team. And the cheer-leading squad. 
    On top of everything else, her mom is actually considering dating someone new, and there might be something very seriously wrong with her brother and his new annoying hippie girlfriend. 
    The only things keeping Rose sane are the fact that she has decided to become a singer (even though she has absolutely no idea if she can actually sing, but you know, minor details) and she might possibly maybe be kind of dating Jamie. Or maybe not. She's not really sure.
    Rose thinks maybe Jamie likes her, but she just can't understand why he is still so loyal and protective of Regina, especially since Regina has a new boyfriend she is constantly sucking face with. It's not until she finds out what is really happening in Regina's life that Rose begins to realize a couple of important things we all eventually learn in high school: 1) someone's life always sucks a little bit more than yours, 2) even beautiful, popular people have problems and 3) sometimes loving someone is not enough to save them from themselves. 

    Well, so much for Junior year not sucking for Rose. This time, she is trying to deal with the fact that her mom is dating a super cheesy movie star. Her brother has turned into a complete stranger who a) got booted out of college and b) is in rehab and c) might be dating her best friend. But the thing that makes Junior year suck more than anything imaginable is when Rose learns that someone has actually posted a video of her dad's death online. 
    That revelation is even worse than the fact that Jamie is not even speaking to her anymore, and may even be dating a pretentious (and totally hot) college girl. Even her dreams of being a bad-ass rock star are going kablooey and Rose has officially had it... until it dawns on her that Jamie may be in some serious trouble. The kind of trouble that could get him killed or at least land him in jail. 
   It's at this point that Rose has to come to grips with the fact that, despite what fairy tales may tell us, love doesn't solve all, and high school and heartbreak always go hand in hand, even when you think you might be the exception. 

Final review: 4/5 bookmarks. A solid series, which I would love to see continue for at least one more volume. Sadly, book 3 is only available in e-book format because of issues with the original publisher, and it's not looking like a #4 will be coming. (Sad panda.)

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