Monday, July 25, 2016

The Last Temptation

    Any time I see Nail Gaiman's name on anything, I have come to expect awesome. I was therefore very disappointed with The Last Temptation.
    The story sounds kind of awesome: a young boy gets a ticket to a creepy and rundown old theater, called The Theater of the Real, which promises to show him the truth and nothing but the truth. Of course, you know stuff is going to go very wrong when the person in charge of the theater is freaking Alice Cooper.
   Of course, visually, the graphic novel is stunning, I mean this is Michael Zulli illustrating, the man who worked on so many issues of Sandman so of course it looks amazing. My problem was that there was almost no story to this story. Everything about it felt rushed in the worst way, and it didn't help at all that the very British Neil Gaiman was trying to write dialogue for an American kid here. His use of language is adorably antiquated and not at all what an American kid would ever sound like in modern times.
    It was also almost impossible to tell how old this kid was supposed to be... at the start of the story you think maybe he's a teenager, but then Gaiman sort of ages him down to a tween, or maybe even younger... he sleeps with a teddy bear, for goodness sakes. And what kind of school makes their students do a town wide costume parade after about 1st grade anyway? (Because of COURSE this has to be set on Halloween, because oooooh, scaaaaaary.)
   Overall, what I thought would be awesome and creepy and frightening turned out to be a confusing yawn fest. Not cool, Neil. Super not cool. You too Alice.
    Final Review: 2/5 bookmarks for far too much wasted potential.

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