Monday, October 10, 2016

The Killer In Me

     Nina Barrows can't sleep. Every time she does, she is haunted by dreams of a serial killer. Except Nina knows they are not dreams... what she is seeing is the real actions of a real person. A man she knows only as "the Thief." Nina knows that this man is real, and extremely dangerous, but she can't tell anyone because she has no explanation of how she knows that he has murdered several people... she would sound completely insane, especially since she is a teenage girl living in Vermont and the Thief is a grown MAN who lives in New Mexico.
    But now, Nina knows she has to act, because she has seen the Thief's next victims, and they live just a short drive from her own home. And not only does she need to stop him, she also really needs to find out why this is happening to HER of all people. Why can she think his thoughts, and see what he sees? Why does he only come to her in dreams? Is she crazy? Or is there some other connection with the killer she has missed?

    All of these questions are answered in The Killer in Me Margot Harrison to varying degrees of success. The book certainly has an unusual premise, and for me, it was a nice break from all the dystopia that has been flooding the teen book world for so many years. And of course, I do love a good serial killer story.
   The characters are well developed, for the most part, and I enjoyed the fact that even though the story is told from the point of view of different characters, the transitions are smooth and don't interfere with the overall tale.
   What I didn't like was the coincidences that seem to happen merely for the sake of moving the story along. There are just a few too many times where the reader has to trust that "fate" simply decided to shine down on a character or two at the exact perfect moment.

Final review: 3/5 bookmarks, because there are just TOO many coincidences here.

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