Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Review: Heart and Brain - Gut Insticts

     Awkward Yeti is one of my favorite web comics. I swear, Heart and Brain are my boyfriend and I to a "T." Of course, he is sensible Brain and I am flighty Heart. Most of the time. So, of course I was excited to get hold of this compilation of some of the "guts" comics.
     Honestly, I ended up a little bit disappointed. The publishers could have picked MUCH better material, they certainly have a lot of great stuff to choose from, but they ended up picking some of my least favorite, and in my opinion, some of the least funny moments from the series. Also, it was way too short and barely scratches the surface of how good this comic really is, so it's sadly a poor introduction to the guts for people who may not be familiar with the web comic.

Final Rating 2/5 bookmarks, because it was so disappointing.

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