Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Librarian Post: New Year, New Programs

So, what is everyone working on as far as new programs in the new year?

At my library we've added two new ones that seem to be going really well.

The first is called Gadget Day. It's mostly aimed at senior citizens. They can come in once a week and bring in their handheld devices, such as smart phones, tablets, e-readers or even laptops and they get a one-on one consultation with one of the three staff members who work the program. Typically the consultations take about 15-20 minutes and are meant to address specific problems or questions they users may have.
It's been really successful with about 20 or so people per week showing up. It helps that we got a write-up in the paper right before the holidays hit so people read about it ahead of time.
The only issue that we are running into is that a certain staff member who shall remain nameless but who should definitely know better has been telling people who call in that it's ok to bring in printers, web-cams etc. We have specifically said we are NOT tech support so we've had to remind him to let people know we can't help them with those particular issues. I definitely don'r want someone waltzing in with a printer. Nope.

The second program I'm hosting this year is a creative writing group. I have named it The Writer's Roundtable and we have had one meeting so far. I had two participants at the initial meeting (which for our tiny branch is a great start!) and a lot more folks who have expressed interest online and through e-mail so I am hoping this grows.
The people who are participating so far are a person co-writing a novel with their father and a person who wants to use creating writing as a form of therapeutic release for some PTSD issues they are working through.
I offer a writing prompt each month that they can choose to work on for the following meeting. For February it will be to write something giving their 10 years younger self some advice.

Keeping my fingers crossed this turns into a winner!

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