Monday, January 2, 2017

New Year, New Goals!

Do any of you set reading goals for yourselves each year?
I do.
Mainly I just use Goodreads to set a goal on a number of books I would like to finish within the year. But, this year, I have decided it would be a good idea to set some different types of goals for myself and see if I do better at these "goals" that I do with my regular New Years resolutions, which I always totally suck at.
So, here are my reading goals:

1. The most basic goal - read at least 100 books. The books must be middle grade or higher, no picture books.

2. Update this blog with a review of a book at LEAST once a week. Monday updates will be reviews. If I get my stuff together enough, I will also do some Wednesday updates but those will be more librarian related.

3. This is the big one: read more diversely. I suck at this. I always read some very specific types of books and because of that, I tend to have a distinctly un-diverse reading lists. I almost always read books with a female protagonist, for example. So, I will try to read some "boy" books too. I also mainly read books about Americans or Brits, written BY Americans or Brits. That's going to have to change too. And I will actively seek out more books by people of color, which you would think I would already DO as a PERSON OF COLOR MYSELF.

I suck!!!!!

Let the reading begin!

Happy 2017!

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