Monday, January 9, 2017

Review: The Archived

     Ok, so, I have to start out by saying that The Archived by Victoria Schwab was one my favorite books I read all year. And, I swear it only had a LITTLE bit to do with the fact that the story revolves around librarians and a giant library.
     The story is this: there is a library in a hidden dimension called The Archive. This is where the dead go. They are called "Histories," and they are shelved into meticulous rows and stacks and preserved for all time and cared for by the Librarians. However, once in a while a History will awaken, and in it's frightened and confused newly dead state, try to escape back into the world of the living. Mackenzie is a Keeper. It is her job to find these escaped histories and return them to the Archive. She has inherited this job from her grandfather, whom she calls Da, and she takes the job VERY seriously.
     Lately though, Mackenzie is having a really difficult time with her job. Partly because she is recovering from the recent death of her little brother, but mostly because Histories seem to be escaping from the Archive at an alarmingly high rate, and Mac is starting to suspect that someone is deliberately waking them up and setting them free. Mac no longer knows who she can trust, and it's getting harder and harder for her just to stay alive, much less figure out how to restore the Archive back to normal. 
    I found this premise to be very creative, and all the characters are so well developed, even ones we never meet in real-time (Mac's brother and grandfather are only revealed to us in flashbacks and memories). It gripped me from the beginning and made me want to keep reading. In fact I went straight from this volume to book 2 in the series, which I will review at a later date. 

Final rating: 4/5 bookmarks!

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