Monday, January 30, 2017

Review: Dark Star

    It's tough enough being a teenage girl in a big city, but when your mom is a genuine super hero, it's even tougher. That's the basic premise behind Bethany Frenette's Dark Star, the first novel in the trilogy of the same name.
    Audrey Whitticomb has spent her whole life knowing that her mother  is Morning Star, a vigilante fighter with super powers whose job it is to keep the twin cities safe... but Audrey has no idea what it is her mom is REALLY keeping the cities safe FROM. Audrey grew up thinking her mom fights crime, but now, thanks to a series of crimes against teen girls (including Audrey's best friend Tink), Audrey has been forced into the realization that he mom is really fighting Harrowers. Demons from another dimension who are looking for one special girl - a girl whose blood can open a portal that would allow the Harrowers to enter the human realm en masse. Audrey wants to help stop them, but she doesn't have any powers... at least not the kind of powers her mother and Gideon, her mom's annoyingly perfect side-kick have.
    Dark Star had the potential to be a really fun, if not very original story. It ends up being just really average. It doesn't help that the main characters - Audrey and her mom - are both kind of one-dimensional and borderline annoying. I mean, how many times can you go through the same thing: mom says don't fight because you have no powers, you fight anyway, you get hurt, mom says don't fight. This is the pattern that gets repeated over and over through the entire novel, and it starts to get old really fast.
    It wasn't bad enough to make me want to stop reading it, but it wasn't good enough for me to want to complete the series either.

Final rating: 2/5 bookmarks

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