Monday, February 13, 2017

Review: Kill Shakespeare (Volume 1)

     As you may know if you have read any of my posts in the past, I am a huge Shakespeare fan, and an avid reader of graphic novels. So you may well imagine I was very excited to find the series Kill Shakespeare by Conor McCreery. 
     The premise sounds great: two teams of Shakespearean characters have formed - one a team of the Bard's greatest heroes and one a team of his greatest villains. Both teams want the same thing - to find the great and mythical William Shakespeare, who, in this world, is an all-powerful God. Of course, the heroes want to help him rise to power and the villains want to kill him, steal his quill and gain his power.
     Stuck right smack in the middle of the two teams is Hamlet, prince of Denmark, who doesn't know who to trust or what to believe about Will. He's not even sure this Shakespeare guy is real, or just a bed time story made up to scare kids. At first he is befriended by Richard III, Iago and Lady Macbeth, but later ends up in the company of Falstaff, Juliet and Othello.
     What is unfortunate is that the characters are so BLAND and not at all like the ones that were written by the Bard. Also, the female characters are sexualized to the enth power and aged up tremendously from their roles in the plays. Lady Macbeth is practically naked the entire time. Juliet, who is supposed to be the bad-ass of the bunch here is kind of whiny and obnoxious. Even Falstaff has little of the joy and humor that made him one the Bard's most loved characters. The only one who is kind written the way he should be is Othello, who is kind of a bad-ass and a lot less whiny than he is in the play.
    I was pretty disappointed with volume 1 and decided that it was not worth my time to read any of the rest of the series.

Final review: 2/5 bookmarks

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