Monday, February 6, 2017

Series Review: Alex + Ada

    Let's start with the good stuff about Alex + Ada, shall we? First, it's short. Three volumes complete the entire series. Second, the artwork is beautifully rendered and the character design is very nice. Third, Alex's grandmother is hilarious.
   That's about it.
   Everything else is pretty much.... not good. First, this series is basically just Chobits with adult characters done in a non-manga style. Second, how many stories about Artificial Intelligence becoming sentient do we really need? Especially A.I. Sentience stories that offer nothing new or innovative to the genre?  Third, the final volume feels incredibly rushed, with a far too "neat" ending that really feels like the author just decided "I need to finish, and I need to finish today. And let's me the ending cheesy-cute."

Final review: 3/5 bookmarks because the art is so good, but save yourself the trouble and read Choits instead. 

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