Thursday, March 23, 2017

Librarian Post: Summer Reading Is Coming! (AAAAAAAAAAARGH!)

     So, am I the only one that is totally NOT jazzed about this year's Collaborative Summer Reading Program theme? Architecture? SERIOUSLY? SNOOOOOOOOOOOOORE!
     Luckily the actual slogan "Build a Better World" lends itself to a lot of things that have nothing whatsoever to do with deadly-dull architecture. Don't get me wrong, I love STEAM/STEM whatever they call it in your neck of the woods, but it just doesn't excite my nerdity the way something like superheroes or next year's theme, music does.
   So, I am planning four "special" programs for this year's festivities, two of which are STEAM related architecture/engineering programs and two which are not.

1) Paper Buildings: in teams of up to 4 people, you get a pack of 3X5 index cards and your goal will be twofold - first, we will see who can build the tallest structure and second, we will build structures of great sturdiness that we will then attempt to balance books upon until they topple.

2) Tasty Architecture: I will provide graham crackers, frosting and assorted candies, and you and your team (of up to 4 people) will attempt to recreate a famous international landmark of your choice out of these materials. A team of judges (my unwitting coworkers whom I will ply with candy treats) will choose their favorite and said team shall win a prize (a mini orange cone topped with a 3D printed hard hat, I think).

3) Escape Room. Because I REALLY want to do an escape room. I am calling this one "build a better world through team work," and anyone who doesn't think this fits the theme can suck it. Mwahahahahaha!

4) The Living Library. This is my piece de resistance, my crowning glory, my gold medal winner! I am in the process of recruiting living books right now and have already gotten some news coverage on it, even though the program won't be until July. If you want to see the piece my local news station did on our recruiting effort, the link is here: Living Library on KYMA.

What is everyone else working on? I would love to hear about your awesome programs! I will post more on what I'm up to in the coming weeks. Good luck with SRP everyone!

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