Monday, March 6, 2017

Review: Splintered

     Disclaimer: I can't stand Alice in Wonderland. I didn't like the animated Disney movie. I didn't like the book. Or Alice Through The Looking Glass. I didn't like the new Johnny Depp movie. And I think Lewis Carrol was a weirdo dope-fiend pedophile. 
     That being said. A. G. Howard's modern-day take on the Wonderland series, and its first offering, Splintered was actually pretty freaking awesome!
     Alyssa Gardner is a direct descendant of Alice Lydell, the woman thought to be the inspiration for the original Wonderland books. She even looks like Alice: petite, blonde, delicate and beautiful. This alone causes her endless teasing from her school mates, but Alyssa is hiding a deep dark family secret: all the women in her family, including the original Alice: they all suffer from severe mental illness. In fact, Alyssa's mother is currently in a padded cell at an asylum, and Alyssa knows it's just a matter of time before she ends up there herself... especially when she starts hearing flowers and insects talking to her, warning her that something bad is coming.
    What ends up coming in Morpheus, the gorgeous moth-man who sweeps Alyssa away to Wonderland... which she soon finds out is not the lovely and magical place from the stories.  The real Wonderland, is a dark, grotesque and deadly place, filled with sickeningly deformed creatures and dangers around every corner. All Alyssa wants to do is go home, and get her friend Jeb, who was accidentally swept into Wonderland with her, back home too. But, in order to do that, Alyssa has to right the wrongs of her ancestor Alice, through a series of seemingly impossible tasks - like drying up the sea of tears Alice left behind.
     Of course, this is a teen novel, so there is a love triangle with two hotties vying for Alyssa's affections, but that is sort of beside the point, although important to the story in its own way. The most important part is how deliciously gross and horrific Wonderland is, and how A. G. Howard found such new and unique ways of translating characters and events from the original books into this new horror show.
    It definitely left me wanting to read the next book in the series.

Final Review: 4/5 Bookmarks!

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