Monday, April 17, 2017

Book Review: Mer

     Joelle Sellner's newest offering, Mer is made up of all basic the elements of a teen title: an angry teen, a hot hunk, teen jealousy, shape-shifting and even an evil stepmother.
     Aryn, our lead character is an anxty teen who has just moved to a new town with her dad and sister after the death of her mom. Aryn is basically mad at the world, and takes it out mainly on her dad, and marginally on her little sister. School doesn't make it any better, as it's full of snooty rich kids. But, Aryn quickly makes at least one friend who seems decent, though the friendship quickly (and predictably) unravels when Aryn's friend falls for a boy who falls for Aryn.
    Of COURSE, the boy in question is a shape-shifting merman who is only on land to find a mate (at  age 16, because why not). At the same time, there is a second plotline happening involving a beasty that is hunting down Mer people and eating their hearts. Stuff happens, people die, and Aryn needs to make a choice whether to stay with her family or leave for the Mer world.
    The story itself is pat and formulaic (and I am bothered by the fact that only SOME of the Mer people speak weird broken English... why only some?) but what saves it and will make it appeal to the target audience is the absolutely gorgeous art by Abby Boeh. It's totally worth picking up just to look at her gorgeous work.
   Mer hits shelves today, April 17th, so check it out, if only for the art.

Final Review: 3/5 bookmarks (it got an extra bookmark because of the art).

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