Monday, April 10, 2017

Review: Lost Girls

     Alan Moore has written some of the best graphic novels of the modern age. Watchmen and V for Vendetta are nothing short of classics, and even The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is worth a read. Because of these I picked up Lost Girls, thinking that a story told from the point of view of grown-up versions of Dorothy Gale from Oz, Alice from Wonderland and Wendy from Neverland as written by Moore would probably be great. 

     It's porn.

     I'm not saying that in the way that some people call nude paintings porn, or taking the term lightly. I know porn when I see porn, believe you me, and 

    There is nothing in this graphic novel that has any redeeming quality other than sex for the sake of sex, and explicit, ugly, graphically rendered sex at that. It's not, as it pretends to be, an exploration of sexuality, or a commentary on Victorian repression of women. It's stuff that was CLEARLY created for someone's own personal spank-bank. This makes some sense when you realize that Melinda Gebbie, the artist, was Moore's wife. and at the time they conceived this they were both dirty, hairy, free-lovin' hippies. 

    I'm not saying don't read it, or condemning it in any way, I am just warning anyone who is a fan of Moore's other works that if you expect this to be anything like those others, you will be grossed out and disappointed. 

     Also, the artwork is kind of creepy, and no one in it looks good, so it's not even GOOD porn. 

Final Review 2/5 bookmarks, because it's still Alan Moore so I couldn't hate it all the way. 

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