Monday, April 24, 2017

Review: Recorder and Randsell

     As a long-time manga fan, I have to say that I am extremely confused by Meme Higayashi's Recorder and Randsell. The premise sounded cute when I picked up the book: a typical Japanese brother and sister have adventures, but the sister, who is high school, looks to be about 8 years old, while the brother, who is in 5th grade, looks like a fully grown man. 
    However, this is a style of manga that left me scratching my head. Instead of being a complete story about the siblings, it is done in a style similar to Sunday funnies - where each "episode" is a 5-panel "joke." After about three pages, the joke wears VERY thin: "oh how funny, the brother keeps getting arrested because the cops think he is trying to kidnap a little girl, but it's his sister." (I guess Japanese culture still things pedophiles are funny. Ew.). "Oh, haha! the sister can't get into the movie because the ticket man thinks she's not old enough." "And now a sexy lady is hitting on the poor, frightened 5th grader."
    It goes on like this for over a hundred pages. The same jokes over and over and over and over.
    The books only redeeming qualities are the lovely artwork and the genuinely warm and loving relationship between the siblings. Even the title is weird and confusing.

Final Review: 2/5 bookmarks.

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