Monday, May 15, 2017

Book Review: Britannia

    In Peter Milligan's Britannia, the land that we now know as Great Britain is a nasty, festering, haunted hell hole that has just been taken over by the Roman Empire. Rumors abound that there are demons there, and news of murders and chaos have now made their way back to the Caesar, Nero who has dispatched Antonius, First Detective of the Empire to figure out just what the heck is going on.
    Antonius is not a well man though. He's still suffering from the childbed death of his beloved wife, and grappling with the decision he made to give up his son, who now believes him to be merely a family friend. Plus, Antonius has been to Britannia before, and nearly lost his life in the process. Still, part of him is just suicidal enough to take on the mission, accompanied by his faithful slave, who is a Britannian native and knows more than Antonius about this strange and deadly land.
   Of course, along the way there is plenty of T and A to keep Antonius distracted. For some reason every single female he encounters along his journey is a super hot busty blonde who is more than willing to jump into bed with him (he even bangs a Vestal Virgin). This obviously knocks my opinion of the story down a few notches, because it's just on the wrong side of pandering for my liking.
    The art is amazing though, and the concept behind the story: the history of Great Britain as told from the ancient Roman point of view is not something I have seen before. It almost makes up for the blatant fan service.


Final Review: 3/5 bookmarks. Because the T's and A's are at least gorgeously rendered.

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