Monday, July 10, 2017

Book Review: Goldie Vance

   Hope Larson's new Goldie Vance series is sort of a Nancy Drew for a new generation of girls. You may know Larson's other fine works - she's the author/illustrator of Chiggers and was responsible for the graphic novel adaptation of Madeline L'Angle's A Wrinkle in Time... so it's safe to say she knows how to write fun, spunky girls.
    That's exactly what Goldie is: a fun, spunky girl with a mission. Goldie lives and works as a valet in a large resort hotel her dad manages. She is also an accomplished driver and crazy drag racer... and somehow finds time for her real passion: helping the hotel's on-staff detective (why does a hotel have an on-staff detective?) solve crimes while playing matchmaker to her adorable friends. Oh, there's also Nazis, stolen jewels, secrets, a rivalry between Goldie and a spoiled rich girl, and a very subtle LGBT story line.
    Yeah, it pack a lot in. In fact, it packs in almost TOO much for a first volume, but with beautiful bubble-gum bright artwork and fun characters, I can definitely see this being a huge hit with older tweens and younger teens, especially girls looking for a new role-model.

Final verdict: 3/5 bookmarks

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