Wednesday, March 28, 2018

Librarian Post - Bad Art Day!

This program was SO much fun y'all!

The entire point of the program is for patrons to make the worst art they can possibly make with whatever weird stuff we have floating around. The one thing I did have to purchase was Canvas Paper ($6 or so for about 10 sheets, available at any art supply store) but you can also do it with Watercolor paper, which is slightly cheaper, actual canvases if you can find a good deal or heavy card stock (but I don't recommend card stock as it can get too wet too fast depending on what supplies you set out).

Each person who attended the program was given one sheet of the paper, and told they could use any of the other supplies they wanted to. Supplies they were provided included:
 - old magazines removed from the collection
 - old books removed form the collection
 - old newspapers removed the collection
 - glue sticks
 - scissors (regular and the fancy scrapbooking kinds that cut pretty patterns)
 - Washi tape
 - markers
 - crayons
 - different types of foam stickers
 - ribbons
 - "puffy paint" (the kind you use for decorating clothes)
 - a bad of old photo booth props I had floating around
 - feathers
 - fuzzy pom poms
 - acrylic paints and brushes

Anything else you have can go in the pile - colored pencils, drawing pencils, sequins, googly eyes, butcher paper, construction paper, glitter (if you are a bit of a masochist and enjoy the cleanup, otherwise stick to glitter-glue) etc.

I told the group they had 45 minutes to make their masterpieces and come up with a super awesome name for them. Then we would have a 15 minute show and tell where we would discuss their artistic achievements and they meant to them. Let me tell you, the group was cracking up the entire time and doing super fun things! Bonus points - we had kids AND adults doing the same project and having a jolly good time. I even had several people ask me if we would consider making this a monthly program and let me tell you, I am really considering just that because it was so cool! Below are some of their gorgeous achievements and the titles they chose.

The Day of the Eyes

Floating Into Confusion

Doesn't Follow Instructions

Orange Crush Meets Purple Rain: A Senior's View

Colorful Rainforest

Nana's Day

The Eye of Day

Confused: A Day a the Circus

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