Saturday, June 9, 2018

Programming Post: How to Start a BookCrossing Project

Raise your hands if you're heard about BookCrossing!

In case you haven't, BookCrossing is a very cool free website that lets you "read and release" books and track their journeys around the world. How it works:
You create a profile.
You read some books.
You register the books you just read with the website and they are assigned a number (a BCID, in the lingo of the site) which you can then either write inside the book or use a little sticker to decorate the cover, like this one:
Once the book is registered and decorated, you either give the book to a friend (this is called a "controlled release") or you leave the book in a public place for someone else to find (this is called a "wild release").

The hope is that someone will find your book and log it as found. Hopefully they also leave you a little note as to where they are, what they thought of the book etc... and if you're lucky, they re-release the book so the cycle can continue over and over. 

Years ago, when I worked in Youth Services, I created  a profile for my Tween Advisory Group and we did a release of about a dozen books. The books started in southern Arizona and some made it as far as London and Paris, which was thrilling for the kids. Now I have set up an official book crossing zone in my new teen room, and we are starting the process all over again, in hopes people will share and love our books. It's a great passive program that takes very little effort (and is a GREAT way to get rid of some no longer wanted ARCs too, by the way!) and it gives the teens a chance to 1) be totally ninja and release books in creative locations 2) spread the joy of reading around the world 3) hear from people outside their immediate area who also love the books they love. 

I'll be keeping you all posted on how this goes! 

(Photo courtesy Dominique Sandoval) Our new Book Crossing Zone on day 1 of the project. By the end of the day we had 40 books donated to us and registered.

If you are already a member of BookCrossing, please send a friend request to YCLDTeens so you can keep track of what we're up to, and if you are NOT a member but choose to join because of this blog, please use YCLDTeens as your "referring member!" Thanks!

Monday, June 4, 2018

Summer Reading Begins!

Well, it's here!
This year, like we do most years, my library is participating in the national Collaborative Summer Reading Program, which means our theme is music.
Keep in mind that our last Teen Services Manager left just before the program crunch, and even though I TECHNICALLY started the job on May 7th, today, June 4th is my actual first day on the job.
Originally the plan was for me to continue to work half time at my old branch and half time in the teen department at our Main Library, but that did NOT happen and I really only got about 4 days of work in at the new space within the past month. I do not recommend trying to be a Branch Librarian AND a section manager at the same time, by the way, it is HORRIBLE and hard and stressful and bad! I'm just VERY happy that I have a great support staff who held down the fort admirably without much guidance from me. They even got some decorations up for me! Check out our cool Piano Window!

Window in our Teen Room. 
We've got some great programs planned over the next few months, so expect write-ups and photos to come!
Happy SRP!