Wednesday, July 25, 2018

My first grant!

Well happy happy day!
I have been warded my first grant!
I don't get money but what I do get is lots of books to start a reading group with underserved teens! It's the Great Stories Club grant from the ALA and my library has gotten it before, but we have a new partner organization. We'll be partnering with an organization called MIKID. That stands for Mentally Ill Kids in Distress. All the children and teens they serve have diagnosed mental illnesses, and many also have developmental and physical disabilities.
The grant works like this: you choose 4 books from a list that fit each of 2 themes: this year's themes are Empathy and Heroism. They give you 11 sets of each of the 8 books and then you create a book-club program around those selections.
Plus the project coordinators (that would be me) get a trip to Chicago for training! I've never been to Chicago so I am stoked!
In fact I am stoked about the entire thing!
Keep an eye open for posts about my adventures with the grant and the program!