Monday, March 18, 2019

Book Review: Haphaven

     In my day I have seen lots and lots of graphic novels based on fairy tales, myths and legends of all kinds. Haphaven by Norm Harper is the first I ever remember seeing based on old superstitions.
     Alex Mills was raised by a very superstitious father. According to him, Alex is descended from the luckiest gambler who ever lived - or at least, he was lucky until his luck ran out and he rode off into the sunset to find Lady Luck herself. Family legend says not only did he find her, but married her and lived happily every after.
    When Alex's dad dies suddenly in a bad car accident Alex becomes obsessed with following all of his superstitions to the letter. until the day she has a fight with her mother and deliberately steps on a crack.
     Sure enough, stepping on the crack breaks her mother's back, so Alex decides she needs to set out to find Lady Luck to try to get her mom help. As she sets out on this adventure, Alex meets a leprechaun who takes her to the land of Haphaven, the place superstitions originate from. While there, she meets a real-life Jinx, a girl named Penny with a reputation for turning luck around, a black cat you REALLY don't want to cross, and is told she needs to find a lucky rabbit's foot in order to help her mom. Of course, everyone fails to tell Alex, the foot is still very much attached to a very much alive rabbit.
     Beautiful artwork, a but-kicking biracial heroine, and a lot of heart plus a really unique take folklore and retellings makes this one a winner in my book! Appealing to older tweens and younger teens, this book lands on shelves tomorrow, March 19th. Pick it up for a fun and different read.

4/5 bookmarks.

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