Monday, April 22, 2019

Planning a Library "Con" or Pop-Culture Festival - Part 3: What Should the Con Consist Of?

Here is a list of things I personally feel (as someone who goes to about 5 pop culture conventions or festivals a year) every one of these events should have if at all possible:

  • A cosplay contest or showcase. No matter what type of convention you are hosting it's a chance to encourage people to show up in costumes that fit the theme. Our library's cosplay contest has very loose rules. 
    • Costumes can be store bought, hand made or a mix of both.
    • Costumes must fit the library dress code and be appropriate or a family friendly event. 
    • Props are welcome but all weapons must be clearly fake, and foam weapons are strongly preferred
      • All props must be checked by staff at the "peace banding" table where we put a zip tie around the item to show it's safe. 
    • There are 4 categories and each cosplayer may only sign up for one:
      • Kids ages 12 and under
      • Teens ages 13-17
      • Adults 18 and older
      • Groups. Must be 2-6 people max.
    • No skits are allowed, it's a walk-on presentation only. 
    • Judges are usually invited local cosplayers, special guests or staff members who were not involved in planning the event. We have found 4 judges to be optimal. 
  • A guest author of some kind. 
    • They don't have to be mega famous, and you can do it via Skype (which is much cheaper or even free in a lot of cases) but if your budget allows this, authors are always a HUGE draw. 
  • For an all ages convention, at least one craft for kids and an ongoing activity.
    • Story times are awesome, especially if the presenter is in costume.
    • Lego building is awesome too, and doesn't require a lot of setup or supervision from staff.
    • Some kind of scavenger hunt, drawing or coloring contest to keep the kiddies entertained for a good chunk of time. 
  • Some kind of interactive panel where people can win something. 
    • Trivia is great for this and can be done in a ton of ways. We've done name that tune style ones, Kahoot ones, pub quiz ones and more.
Other things that are cool to include:
  • Photo op areas with interesting backgrounds or props.
  • Special guests who are pros or semi-pros in their fields, such as well known cosplayers, local artists who do superhero or comics, voice actors etc.
  • A cosplay repair station somewhere in the building. 
  • Tabletop and card gaming areas featuring weird games you have at your library.
  • Demos from local historical re-enactors or live action role play groups. 
  • Panels on cosplay construction
  • Believe it or not, slide shows and presentations from staff members who have traveled to or lived in in Japan or Korea have been MASSIVELY popular for us. 
Of course these are just some of my personal ideas. The great thing about these types of programs is that the sky is very much the limit for what can go into your programming for the day. 

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