Monday, June 17, 2019

Galaxy Pendants - Super Cheap and Super Easy

If you need a quick, easy and super inexpensive craft program for the "A Universe of Stories" Summer Reading Program, or just for a day when you don't have many ideas or a big budget, I recommend "galaxy pendants." I've been making these for a long time, and even occasionally sell a few on Etsy here and there. The teens love them and every one that you make will be just a little bit different. Also, they're super pretty!
(In this post I talk about making pendants, but the cabochons can be used for all sorts of things other than necklaces including rings, bracelets and hair accessories).

Sample finished pendants.

What you will need:
Large clear glass cabochons (you can find them at dollar stores, craft stores and sometimes even pet stores.
Any kind of cheap nail polish, but especially ones with glitter, as well as shimmery ones. It's also a good idea to have at least one bottle of plain black and one bottle of plain white polish.
Necklace bails (can be bought in bulk from Amazon, I purchased these: Bails)
Some type of necklace cording (these are the ones I purchased: Cord)
A bottle of super glue or jewelry glue (be advised, Super Glue dries much faster)
Optional - a jar of Mod Podge

To make them:
Start by painting the flat side of the cabochon with your largest glitter. The more layers you add the more the glitter will show up, obviously, but it will also take progressively longer to dry.
Make sure each layer of nail polish is completely dry before adding the next.
Glitter polish with smaller glitter pieces can be layered on after the big glittery pieces.
Then move on to colored polish without glitter.
The very last layer of polish should be your darkest color (or the white, if you have it) to give a flat background and make the glitter pop.
Once the polish is dry, you can seal it all with a layer of mod podge  - this will make the polish last pretty much forever and prevent chipping.
When all your layers are completely dry, attach the bail with super glue and thread through your cord.

Make sure you do this program in a well ventilated space to avoid getting woozy from the polish fumes!

Teens creating their own pendants. 

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